Facts that one should be aware of Statistics Gaming

For many people gambling is unlimited and harmless fun but can also lead to big consequences. As per the Statistics Gaming, it is called ‘problem gambling’. Gambling is a progressive addiction that can have several kinds of psychological, physical, and social repercurssions. It is also addressed as an impulse control disorder. These studies are also found in all the Statistics Gaming data. Gambling up to a limit is not at all harmful to psychological and physical health. People who live with such addictions may also experience depression, migrain, distress, internal disorder, and other anxiety-related problems. To avoid such cases one should be aware of the things so that they can easily calculate the money that they can risk for these games.

Symptoms and diagnoses of Gambling Addiction as per the Statistics Gaming

Some of the signs and symptoms of the problem gambling include that Gambling is not at all a financial problem but an emotional problem which have financial consequences. It also impacts the way a person with the disorder relates to his/her family or friends. They may also miss out important events in the family or they might miss work.

To do the diagnosis a person must have at least four of the following during 12 months:

  • Need to gamble with an increasing amount of money for excitement purposes.

  • Feeling of irritation at the times you are not gambling

  • Repeated unsuccessful attempts to stop, control, and reduce gambling

  • Thinks about gambling and always makes plans related to this which is stated as per the Statistics Gaming

  • Return to gambling again after losing money

  • Lying to conceal gambling activities

  • experiencing relationship or work problems due to gambling

  • depending on or asking others for money to spend on gambling.

Factors which create triggers about doing gambling

This activity is described as a spectrum which ranges from abstinence through recreational gambling to the harmful gambling.

There are a lot of people who like gambling are considered responsible and dependable people. But there are some factors which could change in behaviour. Such factors include:

  • retirement

  • job-related stress

  • environmental factors such as friends or any available opportunities

Believing in online predictions can’t improve your gambling results unless you learn

Like every other thing, the gambling industry also has taken to the internet to spread its wings. In some countries, it is done legally while in others, it is illegal. The advantages of internet gambling are many for the users. They can:-

  • Keep their real identity behind covers and yet enjoy the fun.

  • Play from any device 24X7.

  • Avoid physical scuffle and risks that often happen in night clubs.

But like in any other thing, gambling also requires a bit of thought. Here, a player will always like to win since there is money involved. For that, there can be a few tips that they will like to have, and this is possible with ease over online gambling.

How accurate the predictions can be

The online predictions try their best to improve on the accuracy. At least they are way far better than human predictions. They are based on software applications which again take the clue from several statistical tools available. Thus, they are able to give a substantially high rate of prediction, being based on a mathematical and logical approach.

Is there a risk involved in online gaming?

Many would fancy that while playing online, one may not get paid for whatever one wins or loses. But on the contrary, it is not going to be so. Online gaming accounts are often connected to credit cards through which monetary transactions happen. Hence, in case of wins, the same credit card is used to pay the winning amount. So the risk involved is pretty less. It can be further reduced by looking at the statistics gaming that the websites provide for free in order to have the predictions near to accurate, thereby enhancing the chances of winning further. One can improve with predictions only over time and through trial and error method.

Gambling data to improve gambling business

Gambling is an act of wagering that result in either gain or loss depending on various factors such as luck, specific skills and talent. This is one of the oldest form of leisure activity or hobby followed which can be traced back quite a few hundred years such that in any civilization be it western or eastern, the history would have recorded many events pertaining to the gambling part, thus being this old art and so many events has been recorded on this, a critical activity if done could provide one with so many information, which is nothing but data collection on gambling.

This line of business has become one of the most prominent due to its presence all through the planet in various countries be it small or large. So even if one able to get 10% of the data on gambling would be of so much importance. There are so many companies which do this job either domestically or internationally, domestically is where it concentrates on a specific country and international will cover across countries. There sole purposes is to collect important and necessary data on the type of gambling on which people are involved and nature of people in gambling. Data alone will not help for any task, the collected data will be converted or measure using statistics gaming such that it gives a clear picture of the gambling activities. Also, the platform now being transformed with online gambling statistics are the need of the hour and the companies are effectively using them.

The companies which offers this service of getting statistics on gaming will help their clients by providing the necessary data such that it will help them to model their business plan and ideas or assess their prospects in case of a new venture. To list down few of the groups who will use this data are gambling operators, research organization and financial institution. So this service is unique and important as it provides a critical and important data that is not easily available.

Internet Gambling Statistics Overview

We all know that gambling is favorite pastime among adults, youngsters and children too. People are engrossed in purchasing lotto tickets, betting on sport games and other casino-style gambling. Without any doubt the online gambling is becoming popular day by day. Online statistics gaming predicts that almost 10 million U.S users are online gamblers.

It has been estimated that global online gambling is now worth $30 billion and online poker is estimated to be worth of $6 billion in US alone. The gambling justice department and higher authorities have opened the door to online gambling by easing their regulations. Internet gambling is getting popular among teens and young adult users which is quite visible from viewing the pattern of online gambling websites. Statistics Gaming also speaks that monthly use of internet gambling sites among college going males shot up from 4.4% in 2008 and have increased to 16.0% in 2010. This dramatic increase in number of online gamers is because there is no barrier in payment restrictions on such sites to such young genre. Online statistics gambling also predicts on national basis that more than 4,00,000 male youth who gamble are of college and that too aging between 18 to 22 years and they play online at least once in a week.

The researches also predicts that high school males have shown significant increase in monthly use of internet gambling sites between 2008 and 2010 and represents that over 530, 000 high school male students visits gambling sites per month. Such statistics have clearly shown that there has been great interest in gambling activities in people of all ages.

Trendsetting changes in the gambling world

Until date, you might have been living with the idea the world of gambling is the private property of amateur gamblers and professional gamblers who are males. Nevertheless, we are here to share some information with you today that you leave you awestruck. You will be surprised to know that there has been a grand shift in the profile of gamblers in the recent times. Are you feeling curious? Start reading ahead to unravel the secret we have in store for you.

  • Women gamblers predominate the show

Do not be flabbergasted if you find that your sister, wife or mother engrossed with her PC or handset, and gambling. Actually, this is what the new Statistics Gaming trend unravels. There has been an increment in women gamblers this year. This Gambling Data shows that approximately 5% to 6% more women gamblers rein the industry now as compared to what it was two years back.

  • Gambling is a family game

Have you ever revealed to your parents that you gamble? Perhaps, not! This is because gambling had been considered as the ‘forbidden apple’ all these years. But you will be shocked to know that parents are encouraging their kids to gamble! Yes, gambling has become more of a family game now. Therefore, game developers are developing gambling games that have been tailored to fit the preferences of a family. All that is needed to be done is to download these video games and spend hours with family while gambling.

  • Children are gamblers

Do not consider it as vice if your kid downloads a gambling game and remains engrossed with the PC. Actually, you might not be aware that recently some gambling games have been developed that are exclusively meant for kids. There is no real monetary transaction, no physical betting. These solo games are more of strategic games that test your kids’ presence of mind and sense of judgement.






Gambling – The Perfect Choice For Recreation Lover

Many people don’t want to live a boring life and want some excitement in daily life. So few of them spend little bit money here and there in search of fun. Some spend their time in doing some adventurous activities like deep sea diving or sky diving. And a very few of them who love to take risk in life spend their time and money in buying lottery ticket, in Casino or put some money in horse racing. But if you want to make money out of these activities you should be aware about the Statistics Gaming.

These activities are best if you really love risk in life. As if you loose a bet ; you will learn new things for the next time. And every moment before loosing will be full of excitement. And if you win; you will be happy and you will get a lot of money. So there is excitement in both the cases. And this excitement will bring you again and again.

Predictions of Gambling Industry for 2014

Thus, with the turn of every year the gamblers eagerly wait for future predictions on their favorite gambling game and latest offline and online casino gambling statistics for redesigning their killer strategies. While casino based gambling is the eternal favorite of amateurs and professional gamblers, online gambling has also won equal popularity over the few years.

Now here are some predictions for 2014 for the gambling game lovers all over the world. Check these out and redesign your strategies before making every move.

  • Prediction 1:

Thus, the individual US states like Nevada and California, which were the hub of gamblers, will have a slightly risky position this year as online gambling games will be hot favorite. USA will be one of those countries this year where casino based gambling will be under constant threat of loss of popularity. Actually, the online gambling games will score higher in popularity. However, faint hope is that the popularity of California as casino club of the world will not fade out completely. Further predictions are that it might enter the world of online gambling too with Poker.

  • Prediction 2:

Thus, the sudden changes in gambling rules, imposition of new licenses for conducting casino based gambling and regulations on online downloads will be the eternal characteristics of the gambling industry in Europe. It seems that gambling codes of conduct will never become permanent for the entire Europe, and will keep on changing without any prior intimation. As the entire UK will be busy adjusting the gambling codes and conducts, Gibraltar, the European gambling den will not be out of it.

For More Information Visit:- www.gbgc.com/2011/06/gambling-statistics-and-industry-trends/

Impact of technology in gambling industry trends


Gambling has been around for a very long time and over the years; there has been a lot of changes taking place. In the past, most gambling activities needed one to be physically present at the gaming grounds be it the casino or whatever the place but today, this is no longer the issue thanks to technology. Technology has played a very important role in the gambling industry and today, gambling has gone digital. This is one of the most important gambling industry trends because it was discovered that digital gambling which is normally carried out online is able to reach out to a large number of players at the same time.

All types of gambling today can be carried out online but this is not enough. Online players need a platform that is easy to access and they also need to be updated all the time in case there i9s something new in the game and for that reason, most online gambling games are developing applications especially mobile phone applications that allows the players to get notifications and play using their mobile phones. This is another very important factor in the gambling industry trends and has so far been adopted by majority of the Online Gambling Statistics owners.

With online gambling, a lot of factors need to be looked upon before one is allowed to participate. This is a measure to make sure that no minor or person who should not participate gets a chance. Online gambling games today require a little more information about the players who are registering to play. That is why, before you are actually allowed to take part in a gamble, you need to fill in an application form with all your details. This is another thing that all the online gambling games are doing.

Tips on planning your hibernate mode in gambling


Are you financially broke after repeated defeats at gambling? Does it seem that luck is disfavoring you? Do you feel that there is no hope of financial improvement through gambling? Your ‘yes’ to any of these questions will indicate that you need to go to the hibernate mode. To be specific, you need to stay connected with the world of gambling, but not bet a bet on your own.

Here is how you can plan your hibernate mode in gambling.

  • Seek assistance

You need to confide with someone and inform him about the incorrect bets and losses you have made in gambling. Chances are that the person may assist you with gambling data on the numbers that won the jackpots recently, the trends in gambling industry and other such details.

  • Develop self control

You might still feel tempted about gambling after repeated losses. But you need to develop your self control during the phase of hibernation. Online Gambling Statistics show that people who have limited their access to cash did not gamble much immediately after a massive loss. This helped them in accumulating their wealth again and updating their knowledge on Gambling Industry Trends, data and statistics gaming.  So, follow the footsteps of these people during the hibernate mode.

  • Solve problems

The more you practice, the more improved your gambling skills become. But never think of betting during the hibernate phase. Rather, be a problem solver and help another person guess a winning digit or bet on a jackpot draw.