Gambling statistics for online casinos

Gambling is prominent across the world since ages and is considered as one of the leisure activities since numerous years. Breaking boundaries, the game of betting is famous no matter whether a small or large nation. There are several firms that carry out varied types of works of both international level and domestic level.

The major objective is to collect the crucial and essential data on the type of gambling in which people are engrossed. This collected data is then gauged by utilizing the gambling statistics in order to get the comprehensible representation of the diverse activities under gambling. Many of the gamblers are now depending on the gambling statistics provided by the numerous firms.

Online Gambling Statistics

These firms support the clients by providing them with the essential data. This data could help clients to shape their ideas and plans.

The gambling game has become very popular because of numerous reasons like its user-friendly nature, low cost involved and easy accessibility. If you are one of the persons, who are the eager players of gamblers and cannot afford costly casino entries can play online easily. Besides this, the web based gambling portals offer various alternatives and bets to play and win. These sites are trustworthy and unbiased.

You can look for the online casinos that guarantee the high quality game. In contrast to the old style gambling, the online betting sites give better payouts. They are the fairways for the gambling lovers. To know more about the gambling statistics visit

Gambling Statistics Witness Stupendous Growth with a Boom in Online Gambling

Gambling Statistics are witnessing an unprecedented boom as more and more gambling websites and gambling apps come up, across the globe.

The gambling world has evolved massively, ever since the introduction of Internet. There are a large number of gambling websites that provide the fun of gambling to interested gamblers. Moreover, with Smartphone now coming into play there are a whole number of gambling apps that can be accessed easily. In fact, you don’t need to now visit a casino physically, from your home itself you can log on to a gambling website either with your desktop, laptop, notepad, or Smartphone and enjoy gambling. No doubt, Gambling Statistics have risen tremendously in the past few years. Gambling has therefore, become a major sector in which people like to invest so to double their investments.


Some crucial points that have been witnessed when it comes to online gambling are discussed in this blog.

Gambling Statistics show that the gambling world is full of young gamblers who easily gain the technical know-how of any gambling website or gambling app quite easily. The age-group of 21-34 is said to be the one that indulges in gambling the most.

With a massive escalation in online gambling this sector is being developed at a rapid rate to employ the latest available technology to stay abreast with all the necessary software changes that may be required to keep customers enticed by any gambling website or gambling app. Gambling website and app operators are making it their duty to assure people that online gambling is as safe as physical gambling.

Gambling Statistics indicate that when it comes to enticing people and garnering revenue from them it is the most fruitful way. That is, the revenue collected in gambling is much more than one would collect in case of recorded music, amusement and theme parks, cruise ships, movies, besides other forms of entertainment.

Moreover, with mobile penetration touching its peak in nearly every part of the world, gambling experts are of the view that mobile gambling will become a major sector in the upcoming years. As such, they predict that Gambling Statistics will boom all the more, and gambling will seek more and players.

Major sorts of participation is required to improve the statistical view of Gambling

To get to a more precise analysis on the online web-based gambling and gambling with other devices such as- mobile phones, interactive televisions is a major issue to know the statistical value of the number of people, attracted by these businesses. The other face of the coin holds the statistics obtained from surveys about the number of people, attached with online bingo as well as people who usually prefer offline bingo. You must be shocked to see the figure of Bingo Statistics that is only 1% of total bingo players all over in UK actually play it online.

The improvement process & some facts:-

  • Recently showed statistics by Parlay Entertainment is about the over-saturated market of online bingo corporations and their upcoming strategies which might help them to transform offline players into online.
  • There are around 3 million bingo players only in UK and it make 15% revenue reach year from the global market. But after the Gambling bill arrived in 2007, due to heavy tax burden the figure radically get reduced.
  • From the Bingo Statistics, It has been come to the front that, 85% of the online bingo is more often played by women. The women bingo players are spending 50% more time than that of male players.

Statistical approach towards gambling industry:-

From the data of Gambling Statistics it has been known that, per year approximately £84 billion is turned over to this elegant industry. There are countless operators in this industry, from which about four thousand are licensed. Per each of the eight-thousand grown-ups, around 10% involve themselves in online gambling. In remote gambling, especially the male players between the age-range of 18 to 44 take part and the result come to the surface is that- just about half of the total population i.e.- 48% involve themselves in different sorts of gambling.

Casino Statistics All Over The World

Gambling has gotten to be more than an amusement now. It is a diversion for generally individuals. Some accept that it is a method for winning cash. Gambling Statistics recommend that these great things about gambling have made it a stand out amongst the most income creating commercial ventures of the world.

On the other hand, it is never viable to feel that the business is safe against the common good and bad times that most organizations experience the ill effects of. Today, we bring news from far and wide about the different good and bad times that the gambling business experiences. Have a look on Gambling Statistics of USA and Australia.

  • USA files-Mississippi massacre, Happy Nevada, Clark Country charisma

Mississippi is considered as one of the heaven destinations as far as the prosperity of the gambling industry is concerned. But things were not at all favourable for the place in 2013. While Mississippi was passing through this dismal phase of gambling, Nevada was counting on its good luck. If there is any region in the United States that has become awestruck with its own prosperity then it has to be the area around the Clark Country.

  • Australian good times

The graph of the gambling has been fairly consistent for Australia. It was found by the experts that during the year from 2008 to 2009 the industry alone contributed around ten percent towards the country’s total revenue.

Predictions of Gambling Industry for 2014

Thus, with the turn of every year the gamblers eagerly wait for future predictions on their favorite gambling game and latest offline and online casino gambling statistics for redesigning their killer strategies. While casino based gambling is the eternal favorite of amateurs and professional gamblers, online gambling has also won equal popularity over the few years.

Now here are some predictions for 2014 for the gambling game lovers all over the world. Check these out and redesign your strategies before making every move.

  • Prediction 1:

Thus, the individual US states like Nevada and California, which were the hub of gamblers, will have a slightly risky position this year as online gambling games will be hot favorite. USA will be one of those countries this year where casino based gambling will be under constant threat of loss of popularity. Actually, the online gambling games will score higher in popularity. However, faint hope is that the popularity of California as casino club of the world will not fade out completely. Further predictions are that it might enter the world of online gambling too with Poker.

  • Prediction 2:

Thus, the sudden changes in gambling rules, imposition of new licenses for conducting casino based gambling and regulations on online downloads will be the eternal characteristics of the gambling industry in Europe. It seems that gambling codes of conduct will never become permanent for the entire Europe, and will keep on changing without any prior intimation. As the entire UK will be busy adjusting the gambling codes and conducts, Gibraltar, the European gambling den will not be out of it.

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Impact of technology in gambling industry trends


Gambling has been around for a very long time and over the years; there has been a lot of changes taking place. In the past, most gambling activities needed one to be physically present at the gaming grounds be it the casino or whatever the place but today, this is no longer the issue thanks to technology. Technology has played a very important role in the gambling industry and today, gambling has gone digital. This is one of the most important gambling industry trends because it was discovered that digital gambling which is normally carried out online is able to reach out to a large number of players at the same time.

All types of gambling today can be carried out online but this is not enough. Online players need a platform that is easy to access and they also need to be updated all the time in case there i9s something new in the game and for that reason, most online gambling games are developing applications especially mobile phone applications that allows the players to get notifications and play using their mobile phones. This is another very important factor in the gambling industry trends and has so far been adopted by majority of the Online Gambling Statistics owners.

With online gambling, a lot of factors need to be looked upon before one is allowed to participate. This is a measure to make sure that no minor or person who should not participate gets a chance. Online gambling games today require a little more information about the players who are registering to play. That is why, before you are actually allowed to take part in a gamble, you need to fill in an application form with all your details. This is another thing that all the online gambling games are doing.

Tips on planning your hibernate mode in gambling


Are you financially broke after repeated defeats at gambling? Does it seem that luck is disfavoring you? Do you feel that there is no hope of financial improvement through gambling? Your ‘yes’ to any of these questions will indicate that you need to go to the hibernate mode. To be specific, you need to stay connected with the world of gambling, but not bet a bet on your own.

Here is how you can plan your hibernate mode in gambling.

  • Seek assistance

You need to confide with someone and inform him about the incorrect bets and losses you have made in gambling. Chances are that the person may assist you with gambling data on the numbers that won the jackpots recently, the trends in gambling industry and other such details.

  • Develop self control

You might still feel tempted about gambling after repeated losses. But you need to develop your self control during the phase of hibernation. Online Gambling Statistics show that people who have limited their access to cash did not gamble much immediately after a massive loss. This helped them in accumulating their wealth again and updating their knowledge on Gambling Industry Trends, data and statistics gaming.  So, follow the footsteps of these people during the hibernate mode.

  • Solve problems

The more you practice, the more improved your gambling skills become. But never think of betting during the hibernate phase. Rather, be a problem solver and help another person guess a winning digit or bet on a jackpot draw.

Is gambling lawful throughout the world?


Are you feeling inspired by your friend’s prosperity at gambling? Then chances are that you will inevitably feel tempted to try your luck at gambling. But the trick of the game is that it hardly matters whether you are a beginner or an experienced gambler. What really matters is how calculative you are about each move that you make and how well you handle the game. You need to have clear idea about gambling. Gambling laws are different in different countries. While some countries have total ban on any sort of gambling, others may impose restrictions on a particular game. While some country may have reservations regarding money based gambling, others may be open about it. Therefore, it is the country and its laws that determine the prevalent gambling laws.

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Online Gambling Statistics


Gambling industry trends clearly indicate the increase in the number of consumers every year. The demand for gambling however is effected by the growth in consumer income and also state spending. People should have ample money to stake on gambling activities. The casino owners also have to spend a huge amount on the marketing and advertising of their resorts and the games available there. They have to keep updating the facilities to meet the needs of their customers. The Gambling Statistics provided by some leading organizations have shown that the interest shown by people in gaming activities is ever on the rise. Big companies in this sector are able to make huge investment towards enhancement of casino and gaming facilities in their resorts and hotels. Local casinos are also able to prosper by providing gaming facilities for locals in the area. Online gambling statistics shows a growth in the number of people indulging in online casino games and this group mostly comprises of people who want to avoid the hassle of traveling and would rather gamble from the comfort of their homes.