Beginner’s Guide to Know How to Play Bingo

If you want to become a master of bingo, then you need to understand a few simple steps. Theoretically calculating the odds in the game is very simple; it is the proportion of the number of cards you are playing and the number of cards in the game. For example, if there are 100 cards in the game and you have 4 in your hand, then the chance of winning is 4%. The Bingo Statistics lies in secret that how many cards are in play for that you have to headcount and multiply with the number of cards everyone is having.

On the other hand, this trick does not apply for the online bingo game for which you have to rely on the Bingo Statistics. You just cannot guarantee a winner here but keep trying to win. The latest updates have made the game more difficult that covers the pattern in the predetermined number.

What is the number that has the maximum chance to win?

It is the most common question that comes in the mind of every Bingo player. The answer is actually quite simple. There is no particular ball that has a higher chance of appearing in the game. All of the balls are manufactured in the same way so that there will be no scope of ball-tampering. The blower machine is loaded with a set of 75 balls.

How to win in the Bingo game?

The easiest way to win a bingo game is by using your mathematical skill on the Bingo Statistics with the following tips:

·    Select the timing to play bingo when there are fewer crowds. When many people gather to play the same game, the scope of winning will be lesser. You can select the timing when the minimum people are around. As per the latest Gambling Data, 70% of the men and 60% of the women take part in betting every year in England.

·    It is better to buy the maximum number of cards that you can handle at one time. If you purchase 20 cards, the scope of winning will be much bigger than the person who has only 4 cards.

·    While selecting the cards, keep in mind those must be non-duplicate. In case you have two or three cards that are same, the scope will be reduced automatically.

Casino Statistics: Big Business and Big Profits

To come out of down economy or to flaunt the state of luxury living or just out of fun, the urban population is very much driven towards the luck changing casino games. According to the critics of gambling, it leads to political corruption, higher crime rates and compulsive gambling. But gambling is not just a lucrative business, but also brings in the highest gross revenue of about $31 billion worldwide.

Some of the casino statistics you need to know before being tempted to step inside.

  • The global gambling market constitutes of casinos, lotteries, betting, bingo and online gaming, which are the biggest growth drivers in terms of the highest market revenue or the gross wins they achieve yearly which is around 321 billion Euros.
  • Gambling grosses more revenue than movies, sport events, cruise ships, etc.
  • Gambling interests have granted $4.5 million to political parties since 1990s. Most of the laws regulating the gambling laws are state laws.
  • It makes around $27 billion business a year in U.S.
  • According to the 2012 American Gaming Association report, commercial casinos, a total of around 462 in the U.S., earned around 36 billion dollar revenue, paid nearly $8 billion in taxes, created more than 339,000 jobs and paid $13 billion in wages.

Casino statistics can be used to discover the initial beginning of the real world problems in business, politics, etc. For further details you can explore the American Gaming Association report.

Trendsetting changes in the gambling world

Until date, you might have been living with the idea the world of gambling is the private property of amateur gamblers and professional gamblers who are males. Nevertheless, we are here to share some information with you today that you leave you awestruck. You will be surprised to know that there has been a grand shift in the profile of gamblers in the recent times. Are you feeling curious? Start reading ahead to unravel the secret we have in store for you.

  • Women gamblers predominate the show

Do not be flabbergasted if you find that your sister, wife or mother engrossed with her PC or handset, and gambling. Actually, this is what the new Statistics Gaming trend unravels. There has been an increment in women gamblers this year. This Gambling Data shows that approximately 5% to 6% more women gamblers rein the industry now as compared to what it was two years back.

  • Gambling is a family game

Have you ever revealed to your parents that you gamble? Perhaps, not! This is because gambling had been considered as the ‘forbidden apple’ all these years. But you will be shocked to know that parents are encouraging their kids to gamble! Yes, gambling has become more of a family game now. Therefore, game developers are developing gambling games that have been tailored to fit the preferences of a family. All that is needed to be done is to download these video games and spend hours with family while gambling.

  • Children are gamblers

Do not consider it as vice if your kid downloads a gambling game and remains engrossed with the PC. Actually, you might not be aware that recently some gambling games have been developed that are exclusively meant for kids. There is no real monetary transaction, no physical betting. These solo games are more of strategic games that test your kids’ presence of mind and sense of judgement.






Myths about Roulette That Can Make You Lose

If you love gambling games and Roulette happens to be your hot favorite, we have something to share with you. The best thing about this game is that it is full of actions, gives you enjoyment, but requires no skill at all for playing the same.

However, there are some myths about Roulette that are believed by the most professional gamblers too. Unfortunately, gambling data reveals that these misconceptions make them more vulnerable to loses.

Therefore, it is high time that we need to debunk these myths about Roulette and enhance your chances of winning. So, start reading further.

  • Myth 1: The wheel of this wheel based game is similar all over the world

Although the fundamental characteristic of Roulette is that it is a wheel based game, there is no reason to believe that the wheels have same feature across the world. For instance, the European wheel gives you greater advantages as compared to the American wheel because the former case makes the odds in your favor.  Therefore, it is a myth.

  • Myth 2:  The spin of wheel in Roulette is connected with that of the previous spin

There is nothing obvious in gambling. If you believe that since the wheel has hit the black more than ten times before you made your bet so the red will have high chances of win when you bet, you are wrong! There is no sure shot metrics for predicting win and loss in Roulette. Casino gambling statistics further show that the chances of odds favoring you when you make your bet are 50:50 only.  So, get rid of such myths.

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Predictions of Gambling Industry for 2014

Thus, with the turn of every year the gamblers eagerly wait for future predictions on their favorite gambling game and latest offline and online casino gambling statistics for redesigning their killer strategies. While casino based gambling is the eternal favorite of amateurs and professional gamblers, online gambling has also won equal popularity over the few years.

Now here are some predictions for 2014 for the gambling game lovers all over the world. Check these out and redesign your strategies before making every move.

  • Prediction 1:

Thus, the individual US states like Nevada and California, which were the hub of gamblers, will have a slightly risky position this year as online gambling games will be hot favorite. USA will be one of those countries this year where casino based gambling will be under constant threat of loss of popularity. Actually, the online gambling games will score higher in popularity. However, faint hope is that the popularity of California as casino club of the world will not fade out completely. Further predictions are that it might enter the world of online gambling too with Poker.

  • Prediction 2:

Thus, the sudden changes in gambling rules, imposition of new licenses for conducting casino based gambling and regulations on online downloads will be the eternal characteristics of the gambling industry in Europe. It seems that gambling codes of conduct will never become permanent for the entire Europe, and will keep on changing without any prior intimation. As the entire UK will be busy adjusting the gambling codes and conducts, Gibraltar, the European gambling den will not be out of it.

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Impact of technology in gambling industry trends


Gambling has been around for a very long time and over the years; there has been a lot of changes taking place. In the past, most gambling activities needed one to be physically present at the gaming grounds be it the casino or whatever the place but today, this is no longer the issue thanks to technology. Technology has played a very important role in the gambling industry and today, gambling has gone digital. This is one of the most important gambling industry trends because it was discovered that digital gambling which is normally carried out online is able to reach out to a large number of players at the same time.

All types of gambling today can be carried out online but this is not enough. Online players need a platform that is easy to access and they also need to be updated all the time in case there i9s something new in the game and for that reason, most online gambling games are developing applications especially mobile phone applications that allows the players to get notifications and play using their mobile phones. This is another very important factor in the gambling industry trends and has so far been adopted by majority of the Online Gambling Statistics owners.

With online gambling, a lot of factors need to be looked upon before one is allowed to participate. This is a measure to make sure that no minor or person who should not participate gets a chance. Online gambling games today require a little more information about the players who are registering to play. That is why, before you are actually allowed to take part in a gamble, you need to fill in an application form with all your details. This is another thing that all the online gambling games are doing.

Tips on planning your hibernate mode in gambling


Are you financially broke after repeated defeats at gambling? Does it seem that luck is disfavoring you? Do you feel that there is no hope of financial improvement through gambling? Your ‘yes’ to any of these questions will indicate that you need to go to the hibernate mode. To be specific, you need to stay connected with the world of gambling, but not bet a bet on your own.

Here is how you can plan your hibernate mode in gambling.

  • Seek assistance

You need to confide with someone and inform him about the incorrect bets and losses you have made in gambling. Chances are that the person may assist you with gambling data on the numbers that won the jackpots recently, the trends in gambling industry and other such details.

  • Develop self control

You might still feel tempted about gambling after repeated losses. But you need to develop your self control during the phase of hibernation. Online Gambling Statistics show that people who have limited their access to cash did not gamble much immediately after a massive loss. This helped them in accumulating their wealth again and updating their knowledge on Gambling Industry Trends, data and statistics gaming.  So, follow the footsteps of these people during the hibernate mode.

  • Solve problems

The more you practice, the more improved your gambling skills become. But never think of betting during the hibernate phase. Rather, be a problem solver and help another person guess a winning digit or bet on a jackpot draw.