How Is Gambling Industry Contributed To The Economy

Gambling is basically wagering the money value on an event with an uncertain outcome due to the probability cases. Many people have the intention of winning money through this process which is seen in the Yearly Gambling Statistics. It basically consists of three things that are important in everyone’s life i.e. Consideration, risk, and a price. The whole outcome depends upon the roll of dice, spin on the wheel and horse crossing the finishing line in the horse race. It’s commercially and internationally popular with a huge income as per the Yearly Gambling Statistics. It is carried out all over the world in different forms. For this, you need to practice a lot as it’s quite obvious that initially, everyone loses so it’s better for all to be aware of the rules and regulation as well as learn from the online gambling platforms.

Incomes accounted in GDP(Gross Domestic Product) by Gambling in Yearly Gambling Statistics

There are two types of gambling: Legal gambling and Illegal gambling. Out of these two only Legal Gambling is counted in the GDP as in the illegal one it’s a bit difficult to keep the account of times the person has played and the money accumulated in his account. It’s basically the profits one obtains from gambling which contributes to the GDP of that particular country. This can be clearly seen in the studies of Yearly Gambling Statistics. But it has no direct effect on the GDP economy. New regulations could easily have a knock effect for the players. They have the potential to impact the future contribution of the sector but despite various pressures, high street betting shops are serving over millions of customers a year. It’s the only industry which pays more tax than it generates in the profit in various countries such as U.K., U.S.A., etc.

Illegally things don’t come into the account as it’s given a specific kind of a definition. Although gambling is zero-sum i.e. a negative sum if the casino agents take a cut or an edge this would definitely stimulate the economic activity. Bank loans are also a zero-sum i.e. it has a negative sum if we include running cost in the bank and they are not at all counted in the GDP. But gambling and bank loans have a positive impact on the economy which overall shows up an increased GDP.

Everything You Need To Know About Online Gambling

Online Gambling is an exciting and most popular way to make money. Various people all over the world enjoy gambling and spend their huge amount of hard earned money on it. This concept of gambling not only means to spend money on fun and thrill, however, it is also used to win rewards and money. No doubt, gambling is easy but before you start, it is important for you to understand the real risk behind it.
Gambling industry involves money and this makes it risky. So no matter how much you are experienced in it, you can’t ignore the risk issue and this is where gambling consultant can help. However for those who want to deal with it on their own, below mentioned are some factors you need to know before starting gambling.

Points To Remember When Start Gambling:

Luck Is Not For The Casino:

Gambling is all about luck however, casinos remain unaffected by it as they assure their own advantages. They do not depend on luck for the profit. So unlike you who loses or win in-house, the casino does not experience such loss or gain.

Luck Is For You:

Though casino remains unaffected by luck, you can’t ignore the luck factor when it comes to your profit. Your luck and smart playing tips like a pro, can extend your play time and reduce house advantages.

Start With The Amount You Afford To Lose:

Gambling makes the lucrative amount of money however the risk is a inherit features of gambling that you cannot avoid. Hence the gambling consultant always recommend you to start with the amount you afford to lose.

Hiring a Gambling Consultant:

Sensing the risk involved in the gambling and betting industry, hiring a gambling consultant who advises you with all the tips and tricks of gambling is a great choice. There are various points that you need to consider while gambling and thus, a gambling consultant allow you to explore opportunities, develop strategies and improve gambling business.


So for beginners, who are about to start new in gambling ecosystem, we hope this above-mentioned tips can help. However, if wanted to know more, Global Betting and Gaming Consultancy (GBGC) is a significant consultancy that advice you on the entire spectrum of the gaming industry.

5 Mind-blowing Trends of The Gambling Industry In the Upcoming Year

Every industry of the world is revamping with the changing time. The advancement of technology has shown a drastic change in every aspect. The gambling industry is not an exception. The new challenges compel it to evolve frequently. The Gambling Industry Trends are dominated by leading online gaming websites. The blueprint of the industry is now controlled by the smart contract based casino. Many websites are rewarding the players with free price money after taking part in the community. Along with that, the AR and VR technology is giving some real Goosebumps to the players. Here are five top most trends which will rule the industry in the upcoming year.

#1 Cryptocurrency: The huge rise of the number of players using different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or ALTcoin has made a huge difference in the Gambling Industry Trends. This trend is definitely attracting the tech savvy generation.

#2 Smart Contracts: The Bitcoin is not the only thing which is going to make a great impact on the gambling business. Smart contracts are the most recent development which is automated by the code protocols. With the help of this, the websites can run autonomously by creating a transparent world. Among all Gambling Industry Trends, it will continue to grow along with the initiative of centralization of the betting platform.

#3 Transparency: In this age of the internet, players have become very aware of the fake gaming platforms. Now they want fair gambling and complete transparency. With the introduction of Bitcoin, the level of transparency has been increased drastically as they are alert what people can do with cryptocurrency.

#4 Zero House Edge: Till date, the casino operators cannot offer the zero house edge as this is a great way for them to make profit. However, with the introduction of Smart Platform, this is going to change a lot. The owners are going to make profits from the growth of the cryptocurrency owned by the brand itself. This will a completely different model from the present which the gambling industry has to apply.

#5 Credible Platform: It will be a great blessing for the players to play on the platforms they can trust completely. The development of the blockchain gaming website will take over the industry to cut off the middleman from the business model.

Gambling Trends Across the world in 2018

Like any other year, there have been noteworthy transitions and alterations in the world of gambling too. This includes preference for a particular game, to the global industry trends as far as revenue generation is concerned, and to the overall scenario of online gambling v/s casino based gambling.

We bring here a gist of some of these trends from the gambling world for you. Watch out!

Country that made Most Losses

As usual with each year, one country ruled the other in the context of gambling performance. But this year had not been that of the Aussies because the country presented a record gambling metrics per person as far as gambling losses are concerned. This was followed by those of the Singaporeans as second in lead in the intensity of gambling losses per person.

Online Gambling Statistics further suggest that the USA came third in number in this category in 2018 despite the fact that Las Vegas is considered as the birth place of gambling. Malta ranked among the tenth nations where gambling tendencies had been worst this year.

Countries that won

Now coming in terms with wins in gambling, Macau had been the top country in 2018 which made most wins.

Australia presented an interesting picture here. In spite of being the top country to make most gambling losses, the country ranked second in terms of revenue earned per head this year. The scenario with Singapore had been the same as that of Australia in terms of revenue generation per head irrespective of its losses per head.

Other countries that followed the list are Philippines, South Korea, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Popular games in UK and USA

Some of the gambling games became hot favorite this year and others lost in the race. If the scenario of USA is specifically taken into consideration in this case, it will be found that games like poker, horse racing and bingo ruled the show.

In case of UK too, games like poker, bingo and horseracing remained hot favorites in 2018. Nonetheless, there was rising popularity of online gambling and social gaming too among professionals as well as amateur gamblers.

Get a Refreshed Horse Racing Statistics by the Best Consultant

Horse racing has been a fabulous way of earning money over years. There are so many people all over the world who love this game. It is an undeniable fact that horse racing remains to be one of the common watched sports on the race track and television. Most of the people watch this sport with high fascination and enthusiasm due to the money earning opportunity that it gives. Although it looks like choosing the winning horse is easy, a lot of gamblers yet make bad choices whether they are new or experienced in horse race gambling. Due to this, lots of horse racing consultant can be found online, willing to support gambler save more money.

There are many horse racing tips you will see on the Internet although, you should not be based on the first one you’ll see. If you stay careful during your search, you will see that a number of tipsters give vague details; leaving you more puzzled where to place your gamble. Although, it is a good thing that there are reputable consultants online that give horse racing tips for today as per the horse racing statistics.

By taking benefit of these sorts of consultants, you will be capable to get more profits by means of statistical analysis which is also limited as opposed to someone else’s generalized information and opinion. And because reputable consultants take pride in their expert level of investigation, you can be sure that you will get refreshed and easy to understand horse racing statistics from them. Reliable Consultants can give you the best tips on how to win in the horse racing. As mentioned earlier, websites that highlight with statistics per horse race is a big choice.

Horse racing statistics Helps to win the Gambling

Horse racing is recognized as a sport and has been in the history for any time. As the years crossed, the sport enhanced popular particularly among the sovereignty and the rich society. They also used the sport of betting. Normally, when people play, the stakes are constantly higher than the other regular games. Now, also the normal people who are not that rich are appreciating the game. Although their gambling is not that powerful, they yet have fun. Different countries around the world are engaged in it as well.

A splendid way to tackle for gambling on horses in races is to collect complete knowledge on it. Presently, maximum people have the thought that knowing about the winning horses in the field, and knowing about their pedigree is the best you can do. But there are several major levels or tiers of research in the entire game. You must know the horse racing statistics which includes many about parameters and information that manages to major decisions of the gambler.

If you are a newbie and do not know the rules of horse racing then you should attend the race. Try to visit the race and watch the competition. This is more enjoyable and useful if you will compare this with staying at home and watching it on TV. If you are watching a live horse race then it will help you to know more about the sports. After all, it is not just an entertainment but also about your money too. If you start gambling then there is a big chance to earn more money. Hence there are many demands for gambling so you should check the real online horse racing statistics that help you to win the game effectively.

We at GBGC are leading gambling consultant that helps to know more all about real statistics. We have many years of experience in the different aspects of the gambling sector.

Few tips for Horse Racing Statistic

There are numerous statistics that you can use to handicap a horse race and some of them are imperative while others are useless. Now and then it relies upon which sort of race you’re handicapping. For example, the surface that the horses are running on may influence the details that apply and in addition the distance of the race and the age of the horse.

The stats that do have any significant bearing and that might be depended upon ought to be specifically identified with the Horse racing statistic compose and horses that you’re evaluating. Stats that may misdirect you and cost you cash are the speculations that have excessively space or edge for a blunder. A well-known stat you’ll regularly catch wind of and numerous individuals acknowledge is that the most loved wins about 33% of the time. While that may remain constant over a thousand races of different sorts, it doesn’t really mean the most loved wins 33% everything being equal or any sort.

You need to watch the races and focus on which races offer the most esteem. Presently here’s a tip. Horse racing statistic that is not truly good to top picks, that is the races that have a 25% or less win rate for the chalk, are races where you can discover esteem and even attempt some Dutching. Regardless of whether you keep your own particular notes on the race writes at your most loved track or simply utilize the details in the hustling outline of a portion of the famous providers of past exhibitions, you’ll have the capacity to recognize those intense races.

While numerous handicappers endeavor to discover false top picks to beat, a few races are only harder for the most loved and that makes the activity less demanding. Search for an incentive in the chances of any horse in the best five contenders that might be neglected by the group. Request esteem, in any case, and just play a steed that has something making it work that could influence it to enhance past the group’s desires.

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Casino Statistics

The temptation of becoming rich overnight is perhaps the major driving force that draws people all over the world to the gambling board. There is a separate segment of the population who call themselves professional gamblers who claim that they have all the gambling tricks in their fingertips. There is yet another segment of amateur gamblers who long to play these games as skilfully as that of the professionals.

Therefore, here are some pro tips based on tried and tested Casino Statistics. Watch out!

Be calculative with money

Amateurs must keep this in mind that there is no trick in gambling that can guarantee that you will become rich overnight. Therefore, you must follow the simple household money management practice in case of gambling that you do for your family. Restrict yourself to a budget and play within that budgetary limit only. Never get swayed by any sort of temptation at all thinking that being a bit flexible with your budget and investing more will make you a millionaire.

Casino Night

Start with smaller bets

Always remember the golden rule that you are an amateur and every gambling session will be just like teething time for kids. So, more you practice more sharpened will be your skill sets. Hence, never think of targeting for bigger bets that promise huge sums when you win the jackpot. This is because such jackpots will give you equally huge blow when you lose. Instead, in the initial phases you must concentrate your attention upon games that ask for smaller bets.

House edge is not for you

If you visit casinos often, you must have heard of the term called house edge. If you do not have clear idea about house edge, then let us explain it to you clearly. It is actually the revenue that the casino expects to earn from a particular game over. Theoretically, the casino takes a revenue of something between 1% to 10% from the game and the rest 90% is earned by the winning player. Unfortunately, there is vast difference between theory and practice, and most of the times amateur gamblers lose on wager. Hence, no matter how much tempting it sounds, the house edge is not applicable for you in you are a beginner.

Top 3 Myths about Gambling Revealed

It is said that gambling is a dangerous game that can make you go pauper. But those who love gambling basically do not pay heed to any such comments and go on gambling over and over again. Basically, the common tendency of gamblers to blow off their entire fortune in the hope of winning a game defames the game altogether. Here are few more myths about gambling. Let us know about them.

Myth1: Gambling is habit forming

There is a common belief among the non-gambling community that gambling is habit forming. Basically, we call this a myth. This is because we bet actual records supporting this could not be found in any gambling and Horse Racing Statistics. This entirely depends upon the approach that you take while gambling. If you do not restrict yourself within a specific time frame till when you will gamble and go on gambling then it will become a habit forming obsession for you.


Myth2: Gambling is a sure shot way that helps you get money

It could not be denied that the games become more interesting when you gamble with money. But there is simultaneously no reason to believe that gambling is a sure shot way by means of which you can become rich. Just like there are chances that the money that you invest in betting can get multiplied numerous times when you win, there are equal chances that you end up losing in a game and losing all your money in the process. Therefore, believing in this myth will only make you look at things at an impractically optimistic manner.

Myth 3: Experienced gamblers can predict if a tossed coin is going to be head or tail

This is another common belief among non-gamblers as well as novice gamblers that ace gamblers are so experienced in the game that they can interpret the pattern of flip of a coin. Hence, they can predict it with a bet when a coin will face the tail side and when it will be the head. Believe us; there is no gambling or any Horse Racing Statistics that says so. Do remember that no one is god and it is just a guessing game that clicks some times. So, it is a simple myth.

How to Use Basics Statistics in Horse Racing

How to use the normal statistics in horse racing? You normally use it when you’re at the racing track. Tip sheets are usually made from previous horse racing statistics and the handicapping picks of the newspaper. But, rest things totally depend on the selection of horses and predicting making money. Handicapping and profitcapping are two main divisions of racing. Each division uses statistics to make their outcome prediction. Because this is a statistical game! Statistics are normally available in a list form and you use this list to analyze and make the predictions for the game.


This tabulated list helps you to make the prediction that will help you to make money. As said earlier, horse racing statistics are available in a list form. Whether it is handicapping or profitcapping, you have to collect information on a division in order to do statistical work. But to make a firm assessment; you will need to collect large statistics on horse racing. It is important to have Horse racing Statistics when it comes to racing. Many players don’t really understand the importance of statistics and they even don’t know how to use them in racing.

Without knowing, they use it. They refuse to analyze the statistics on their own, if they do so, it would be definitely a great help. Let us understand this with an example, let’s say you want to find out how bad and good the speed numbers of Beyer are. You want to guess how it secures the place position. In order to do that you take a sample of let’s say 5000 races containing their respective numbers of Beyer. With so long list of Beyer’s position, you can easily do place, show, win, and fifth positions if you want by analyzing the numbers to make the race predictions. In a nutshell, horse racing statistics make the predictions easy and accurate.