Beginner’s Guide to Know How to Play Bingo

If you want to become a master of bingo, then you need to understand a few simple steps. Theoretically calculating the odds in the game is very simple; it is the proportion of the number of cards you are playing and the number of cards in the game. For example, if there are 100 cards in the game and you have 4 in your hand, then the chance of winning is 4%. The Bingo Statistics lies in secret that how many cards are in play for that you have to headcount and multiply with the number of cards everyone is having.

On the other hand, this trick does not apply for the online bingo game for which you have to rely on the Bingo Statistics. You just cannot guarantee a winner here but keep trying to win. The latest updates have made the game more difficult that covers the pattern in the predetermined number.

What is the number that has the maximum chance to win?

It is the most common question that comes in the mind of every Bingo player. The answer is actually quite simple. There is no particular ball that has a higher chance of appearing in the game. All of the balls are manufactured in the same way so that there will be no scope of ball-tampering. The blower machine is loaded with a set of 75 balls.

How to win in the Bingo game?

The easiest way to win a bingo game is by using your mathematical skill on the Bingo Statistics with the following tips:

·    Select the timing to play bingo when there are fewer crowds. When many people gather to play the same game, the scope of winning will be lesser. You can select the timing when the minimum people are around. As per the latest Gambling Data, 70% of the men and 60% of the women take part in betting every year in England.

·    It is better to buy the maximum number of cards that you can handle at one time. If you purchase 20 cards, the scope of winning will be much bigger than the person who has only 4 cards.

·    While selecting the cards, keep in mind those must be non-duplicate. In case you have two or three cards that are same, the scope will be reduced automatically.

Bingo Statistics: The Matter Of Winning The Prize

No matter what type of game you are playing the chances of winning the prize is fifty-fifty.

This has made many people think that wining the good prize money involves lots of adrenaline pumping, anxiety and stress.


As per the Bingo statistics, the more you play the more you possess the chances of winning the prize money. It is expressed by many people that when you play tickets constantly you may win eventually even if not on the first try. Due to such myths the gambling connoisseurs have come up with certain ways to predict the numbers.

The potential combination numbers though are very elevated type and are extremely unrealizable. Right estimation at times is just a mere luck or coincidence. It may keep making you confused with more number of balls. The above stated factors and things if placed into consideration makes the experience of gambling great and luck induced. Taking more balls could lend you in trouble, I repeat. Make sure to pay attention to this thing.

Many of the bingo statistics as kept ahead by gambling experts; one of the gambling specialists says that a spot-on number segments and intuition plays a main role of your probability of winning. He anticipated the numbers, which will win and is observed as a magic. The individual never bought any of the winning tickets he forecasted. Gambling is a game, which is completely based on luck and there are as such no concrete statistics that can be used to make the game turn to yourself.

Interesting Bingo Statistics For Rising Popularity Of Online Bingo

Bingo has always been an interesting pastime for all generations. Now, the online presence for bingo has made the people play the game at their own convenience. The expanding popularity of this game has made it reach 100 million of people via the internet.

With bingo statistics, it has been seen that around 70 to 80 percent of online bingo players are female. Anyway, there are also rise in male players who are turning online bingo as their gambling fix. One of the surprising facts is that people aged from 18 to 34, covers 29percent of the online bingo players which are increasing.


Bingo is not only a way to gamble online, but also a way of socialization where people meets not only to make money but also to make new friends.

Amazing Bingo Statistics

Most of the bingo players prefer to play online because bingo not only allows you to connect with the people around you but also allow you to connect with the people around the world. A woman around the world seems more active on online Bingo as women are inclined to socialization aspects. 50 percent of bingo player likes to play on regular basis, 83 percent of online bingo is multitasking while playing bingo and 40 percent of online bingo players are playing the game for more than five years.

Winning Odds

One of the bingo statistics that have turned people for online bingo is that 96 percent of bingo players have received the same sum of money. This may be the reasons for men moving away from various gambling games like horse racing, black jack, and sports gambling to play online bingo.