Gambling Trends Across the world in 2018

Like any other year, there have been noteworthy transitions and alterations in the world of gambling too. This includes preference for a particular game, to the global industry trends as far as revenue generation is concerned, and to the overall scenario of online gambling v/s casino based gambling.

We bring here a gist of some of these trends from the gambling world for you. Watch out!

Country that made Most Losses

As usual with each year, one country ruled the other in the context of gambling performance. But this year had not been that of the Aussies because the country presented a record gambling metrics per person as far as gambling losses are concerned. This was followed by those of the Singaporeans as second in lead in the intensity of gambling losses per person.

Online Gambling Statistics further suggest that the USA came third in number in this category in 2018 despite the fact that Las Vegas is considered as the birth place of gambling. Malta ranked among the tenth nations where gambling tendencies had been worst this year.

Countries that won

Now coming in terms with wins in gambling, Macau had been the top country in 2018 which made most wins.

Australia presented an interesting picture here. In spite of being the top country to make most gambling losses, the country ranked second in terms of revenue earned per head this year. The scenario with Singapore had been the same as that of Australia in terms of revenue generation per head irrespective of its losses per head.

Other countries that followed the list are Philippines, South Korea, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Popular games in UK and USA

Some of the gambling games became hot favorite this year and others lost in the race. If the scenario of USA is specifically taken into consideration in this case, it will be found that games like poker, horse racing and bingo ruled the show.

In case of UK too, games like poker, bingo and horseracing remained hot favorites in 2018. Nonetheless, there was rising popularity of online gambling and social gaming too among professionals as well as amateur gamblers.