Some Facts That You Need to know About Gambling Industry

The term Gambling does not remain restricted to making bets, winning fortunes only. There are a lots of things in this industry that will raise the eyebrows of a professional gambler. You will be greatly surprised to know that this industry generated livelihood for a substantial percentage of US population.

Know More About the Gambling Industry

Gambling Industry Trends

The Forecasts Gambling Industry Trends always interests every gambler, whether beginner or professional. Actually, it is a profit making business. Further, it is experiencing consistent prosperity over the past few years. But you might surprised that California, which is one of the havens of gamblers, has seen reduced footfalls in its physical casinos. There has been a rising interest towards online gambling from 2013 to 2014. Thus, gambling laws are getting regulated in California to create interest among gamblers to flock the casinos in larger numbers.

Gambling Generated Livelihood

Those who have not gambled ever consider it as a dangerous game that can make a gambler bankrupt. But the insiders of the industry opinion that it is just because of these gamblers that the industry is able to generate regular income to approximately a million people in US only! What is more interesting is that about 90% of this population is satisfied with the gambling industry job! Now this is a really surprising metrics as employees working in the top rated sectors complain that there is no job satisfaction.

Las Vegas is the Showstopper

If we remark that about 85% of the population that visits Las Vegas gambles, will it not be surprising? This data will also make you aware that Las Vegas has never lost its glory as gambler’s paradise. Perhaps, you will be utterly surprised to know that gambling is the highest revenue earner of this US state. Movies, sports, theaters and all other entertainment options lag behind it when revenue generation is taken into account. That’s why we forecasts gambling industry trends.

Investment in Stocks

You might not have expected this in your weirdest of dreams that gambling can also be a profitable share for investing in the stock market. But if you take a closer look at the stock market of California then you will certainly find that big organizations like Harvard University, US Steel Pension Fund and California State Employee’s Retirement Fund have stocks in the gambling industry! Perhaps, this is concrete stamp of authentication that California has a booming market as far as gambling is concerned.

India is Catching Up

Have you ever thought that even the conservative laws of India would fail to restrict gambling? Perhaps, Not! Nevertheless, market statistics suggest that India is a booming sector for gambling.