Casino Statistics: Big Business and Big Profits

To come out of down economy or to flaunt the state of luxury living or just out of fun, the urban population is very much driven towards the luck changing casino games. According to the critics of gambling, it leads to political corruption, higher crime rates and compulsive gambling. But gambling is not just a lucrative business, but also brings in the highest gross revenue of about $31 billion worldwide.

Some of the casino statistics you need to know before being tempted to step inside.

  • The global gambling market constitutes of casinos, lotteries, betting, bingo and online gaming, which are the biggest growth drivers in terms of the highest market revenue or the gross wins they achieve yearly which is around 321 billion Euros.
  • Gambling grosses more revenue than movies, sport events, cruise ships, etc.
  • Gambling interests have granted $4.5 million to political parties since 1990s. Most of the laws regulating the gambling laws are state laws.
  • It makes around $27 billion business a year in U.S.
  • According to the 2012 American Gaming Association report, commercial casinos, a total of around 462 in the U.S., earned around 36 billion dollar revenue, paid nearly $8 billion in taxes, created more than 339,000 jobs and paid $13 billion in wages.

Casino statistics can be used to discover the initial beginning of the real world problems in business, politics, etc. For further details you can explore the American Gaming Association report.