Internet Gambling Statistics Overview

We all know that gambling is favorite pastime among adults, youngsters and children too. People are engrossed in purchasing lotto tickets, betting on sport games and other casino-style gambling. Without any doubt the online gambling is becoming popular day by day. Online statistics gaming predicts that almost 10 million U.S users are online gamblers.

It has been estimated that global online gambling is now worth $30 billion and online poker is estimated to be worth of $6 billion in US alone. The gambling justice department and higher authorities have opened the door to online gambling by easing their regulations. Internet gambling is getting popular among teens and young adult users which is quite visible from viewing the pattern of online gambling websites. Statistics Gaming also speaks that monthly use of internet gambling sites among college going males shot up from 4.4% in 2008 and have increased to 16.0% in 2010. This dramatic increase in number of online gamers is because there is no barrier in payment restrictions on such sites to such young genre. Online statistics gambling also predicts on national basis that more than 4,00,000 male youth who gamble are of college and that too aging between 18 to 22 years and they play online at least once in a week.

The researches also predicts that high school males have shown significant increase in monthly use of internet gambling sites between 2008 and 2010 and represents that over 530, 000 high school male students visits gambling sites per month. Such statistics have clearly shown that there has been great interest in gambling activities in people of all ages.