Casino Statistics

The temptation of becoming rich overnight is perhaps the major driving force that draws people all over the world to the gambling board. There is a separate segment of the population who call themselves professional gamblers who claim that they have all the gambling tricks in their fingertips. There is yet another segment of amateur gamblers who long to play these games as skilfully as that of the professionals.

Therefore, here are some pro tips based on tried and tested Casino Statistics. Watch out!

Be calculative with money

Amateurs must keep this in mind that there is no trick in gambling that can guarantee that you will become rich overnight. Therefore, you must follow the simple household money management practice in case of gambling that you do for your family. Restrict yourself to a budget and play within that budgetary limit only. Never get swayed by any sort of temptation at all thinking that being a bit flexible with your budget and investing more will make you a millionaire.

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Start with smaller bets

Always remember the golden rule that you are an amateur and every gambling session will be just like teething time for kids. So, more you practice more sharpened will be your skill sets. Hence, never think of targeting for bigger bets that promise huge sums when you win the jackpot. This is because such jackpots will give you equally huge blow when you lose. Instead, in the initial phases you must concentrate your attention upon games that ask for smaller bets.

House edge is not for you

If you visit casinos often, you must have heard of the term called house edge. If you do not have clear idea about house edge, then let us explain it to you clearly. It is actually the revenue that the casino expects to earn from a particular game over. Theoretically, the casino takes a revenue of something between 1% to 10% from the game and the rest 90% is earned by the winning player. Unfortunately, there is vast difference between theory and practice, and most of the times amateur gamblers lose on wager. Hence, no matter how much tempting it sounds, the house edge is not applicable for you in you are a beginner.


Top 3 Myths about Gambling Revealed

It is said that gambling is a dangerous game that can make you go pauper. But those who love gambling basically do not pay heed to any such comments and go on gambling over and over again. Basically, the common tendency of gamblers to blow off their entire fortune in the hope of winning a game defames the game altogether. Here are few more myths about gambling. Let us know about them.

Myth1: Gambling is habit forming

There is a common belief among the non-gambling community that gambling is habit forming. Basically, we call this a myth. This is because we bet actual records supporting this could not be found in any gambling and Horse Racing Statistics. This entirely depends upon the approach that you take while gambling. If you do not restrict yourself within a specific time frame till when you will gamble and go on gambling then it will become a habit forming obsession for you.


Myth2: Gambling is a sure shot way that helps you get money

It could not be denied that the games become more interesting when you gamble with money. But there is simultaneously no reason to believe that gambling is a sure shot way by means of which you can become rich. Just like there are chances that the money that you invest in betting can get multiplied numerous times when you win, there are equal chances that you end up losing in a game and losing all your money in the process. Therefore, believing in this myth will only make you look at things at an impractically optimistic manner.

Myth 3: Experienced gamblers can predict if a tossed coin is going to be head or tail

This is another common belief among non-gamblers as well as novice gamblers that ace gamblers are so experienced in the game that they can interpret the pattern of flip of a coin. Hence, they can predict it with a bet when a coin will face the tail side and when it will be the head. Believe us; there is no gambling or any Horse Racing Statistics that says so. Do remember that no one is god and it is just a guessing game that clicks some times. So, it is a simple myth.

How to Use Basics Statistics in Horse Racing

How to use the normal statistics in horse racing? You normally use it when you’re at the racing track. Tip sheets are usually made from previous horse racing statistics and the handicapping picks of the newspaper. But, rest things totally depend on the selection of horses and predicting making money. Handicapping and profitcapping are two main divisions of racing. Each division uses statistics to make their outcome prediction. Because this is a statistical game! Statistics are normally available in a list form and you use this list to analyze and make the predictions for the game.


This tabulated list helps you to make the prediction that will help you to make money. As said earlier, horse racing statistics are available in a list form. Whether it is handicapping or profitcapping, you have to collect information on a division in order to do statistical work. But to make a firm assessment; you will need to collect large statistics on horse racing. It is important to have Horse racing Statistics when it comes to racing. Many players don’t really understand the importance of statistics and they even don’t know how to use them in racing.

Without knowing, they use it. They refuse to analyze the statistics on their own, if they do so, it would be definitely a great help. Let us understand this with an example, let’s say you want to find out how bad and good the speed numbers of Beyer are. You want to guess how it secures the place position. In order to do that you take a sample of let’s say 5000 races containing their respective numbers of Beyer. With so long list of Beyer’s position, you can easily do place, show, win, and fifth positions if you want by analyzing the numbers to make the race predictions. In a nutshell, horse racing statistics make the predictions easy and accurate.

The Best Part of Internet Poker Gambling Sites

Within a few years, there has been a great rise in the number of new websites related to internet poker. Owing to its convenience and other features, internet poker game has gained a huge popularity over the years. You just need an internet enabled device to play internet poker from the comfort of your house. The Internet has given the liberty of playing the poker gambling as per their convenience to the players. The best internet sites of poker gambling offer everything from privacy to best user-interface to keep their players happy and satisfied. In fact, the sites offer the freedom of playing any game as per the player’s choice. If needed, he can switch the game too. On internet gambling sites, seats for new players are always available and instructions and tips related to the game keep on flashing on the screen in order to improve the game of the players. You can even practice the game here without investing any money.


A top-rated internet gambling site related to poker provides 24/7 customer service to ensure that every query is addressed properly and promptly by the team. There is a provision of providing incentives when you do your gambling at a top internet poker site. Registration on these sites is totally free and players get a signup bonus with their first deposit. The gambling sites offer a number of secure and convenient ways through which one can make the secured deposit in his account. In fact, on winning, you can expect prompt payment from the top-rated internet gambling sites. Your privacy is always maintained by good gambling sites.

When it comes to making internet poker gambling in some tournaments, the players get a plenty of choices to choose from. In fact, there are different types of tournaments with buy-ins that can easily fit into the budget of any size and attractive prize tools. In a tournament which involves a big investment, there is a facility of special prizes like free seats. In a nutshell, there is a no good reason to do your gambling elsewhere.

Importance of Internet Gambling Website

Do you love doing betting on sporting events? If yes, then you must be interested to engage yourself in internet gambling. Internet or online gambling is a type of gambling that is usually played online using electronic devices like a computer or mobile phone. Only a good and protected internet gambling site can securely place your bets with full assurance. By using a good online gambling site, you can rest assured that on winning the bet, you will be promptly paid. Some sportsbooks are also available that can provide you all this information. The book will provide you detailed information on the online betting procedure. For example, when you place the bets by looking at the betting lines and betting odds, do you know from where they come from? Only a good and dependable online gambling site will provide you the valuable information you need to make the most intelligent bets.


The best internet gambling sites offer much more features to the user than just taking your bets. They offer the most genuine advice to help you make the wise decisions. For example, if you know in advance that your favorite team has an injured player, in this situation; you will most probably not place the bet on that team. If in case, you are interested at horse race betting then you will have to know everything about your favorite horse like the jockey, horse speed, horse health, track condition, etc., as these details can help you in placing the winning bets.

The crux of this discussion is the more you know about the betting the better you can win in internet gambling. Only the gambling expert can help you in placing the winning bets and winning a good amount of money is the only driving factor for going online betting. So, it is extremely crucial to find a highly secured and fully-functional internet gambling site and place your winning bets with full confidence.

Gambling statistics for online casinos

Gambling is prominent across the world since ages and is considered as one of the leisure activities since numerous years. Breaking boundaries, the game of betting is famous no matter whether a small or large nation. There are several firms that carry out varied types of works of both international level and domestic level.

The major objective is to collect the crucial and essential data on the type of gambling in which people are engrossed. This collected data is then gauged by utilizing the gambling statistics in order to get the comprehensible representation of the diverse activities under gambling. Many of the gamblers are now depending on the gambling statistics provided by the numerous firms.

Online Gambling Statistics

These firms support the clients by providing them with the essential data. This data could help clients to shape their ideas and plans.

The gambling game has become very popular because of numerous reasons like its user-friendly nature, low cost involved and easy accessibility. If you are one of the persons, who are the eager players of gamblers and cannot afford costly casino entries can play online easily. Besides this, the web based gambling portals offer various alternatives and bets to play and win. These sites are trustworthy and unbiased.

You can look for the online casinos that guarantee the high quality game. In contrast to the old style gambling, the online betting sites give better payouts. They are the fairways for the gambling lovers. To know more about the gambling statistics visit

Usefulness of Horse Racing Statistics

Various horse racing statistics could be used to freeze up a horse race. Some of these facts and statistics are highly useful and helpful. Many of the times it depends on the fact that what type of race you want to handicap. Let us understand it with an example, the plane over which the horse run could hamper the horse racing statistics. In addition, the distance of the race and the age of the horse could influence the race. This may make you little startled but the gender of the horses also affect the race results. The running speed of one horse could vary from that of the other horse since every horse is a group animal and there is a change in the running pattern the moment they have to give tough competition against opposite sex or aged horses.


Certain statistics for horse racing may seem to be deceiving and could be costly. It is important to observe the races and ponder your thoughts to which races could offer the good value and could be worthwhile.

Pay attention! Races that are not conventionally constructive possess low winning rate. Though number of handicappers try to find out the fake favorites to hit, few races are just difficult for the much admired and that formulates the job fairly easier.

Seek out for the value in the odds of horses amongst the top competitors that could be overlooked. Try playing with only that horse which has the good going and could meet up the expectations of the spectators and crowd out there. For information on horse racing statistics visit

Internet Gambling And Its Benefits

With the embark in the nineties, online casinos have emerged enormously with the development in technology, Internet gambling has become a lot more competent and easy to use, making it one of the favorite pastimes for many individuals.


The major reason why people are inclined to online gambling now days is because of the fact that you can gamble comfortably at your own place, all you will need a computer and a nice internet connection and you are all set to win the game. Keep in mind that you are required to be of legal age before playing gambling online. This is outstanding for all those who do not want to travel to play gambling. The best thing about internet gambling is that you can also play for free if you don’t want to risk losing their money.

Many online sites permit test runs of the games even before making any deposits. By this, you can get the feel of the game and discover how feasible the game is for you in terms of money. You may also find great amount of bonuses online, which may not be possible in the physical casino. This is in the form of cash prize or credit. With internet gambling you do not have to rush and make any paper attachments or to maintain records. You can play at your own pace at your own will and at the same time can also maintain privacy of your identity. If you want to know more about the internet gambling or about the horse racing statistics simply visit

Bingo Statistics: The Matter Of Winning The Prize

No matter what type of game you are playing the chances of winning the prize is fifty-fifty.

This has made many people think that wining the good prize money involves lots of adrenaline pumping, anxiety and stress.


As per the Bingo statistics, the more you play the more you possess the chances of winning the prize money. It is expressed by many people that when you play tickets constantly you may win eventually even if not on the first try. Due to such myths the gambling connoisseurs have come up with certain ways to predict the numbers.

The potential combination numbers though are very elevated type and are extremely unrealizable. Right estimation at times is just a mere luck or coincidence. It may keep making you confused with more number of balls. The above stated factors and things if placed into consideration makes the experience of gambling great and luck induced. Taking more balls could lend you in trouble, I repeat. Make sure to pay attention to this thing.

Many of the bingo statistics as kept ahead by gambling experts; one of the gambling specialists says that a spot-on number segments and intuition plays a main role of your probability of winning. He anticipated the numbers, which will win and is observed as a magic. The individual never bought any of the winning tickets he forecasted. Gambling is a game, which is completely based on luck and there are as such no concrete statistics that can be used to make the game turn to yourself.

Online Casino Gambling: The New Trend

The online casinos got the kick back in the 90s. Today we could see the online casinos have become popular with almost every age group. The gambling games originally were played in physical brick and mortar casinos, an outlet that brings up such games together with the live entertainment. However, the internet has let game developers to develop online casino that could be equally enjoyed from home.

Nowadays, there are a variety of online casinos offering games that were earlier played only at casinos, but at present there is no video poker, though there is talk on its sponsorship. The web cam lets the players see their opponents face and this makes the game more interesting. Then there are players psychology experts to give a above hand to the player over competitor. The crux is that online casinos give the same environment at the ease of your place with instant moneymaking.


Another latest thing that is used in gambling is 3D graphics. Many of the casinos are using this technology for static, pre-delivered pictures of people and table which had little in common as compared to the real 3D.

The web-based casinos symbolize the new craze of online gambling industry irrespective of the fact that it may affect negatively to the active players who bet large sum of money keeping their family on stake. The thrill and excitement provided by the online casinos has resulted in its increased usage. There is no doubt to the fact that online gambling will stay in the business for long and so as the related casino statistics